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  • What are ATM Machines

    October 2nd, 2008adminBanking

    ATM Machines are Automated Teller Machines, used by banks for dispensing money to customers without the need for staff to be involved. They are typically functional during all hours and thus the principal benefit they offer to customers is access to their funds at a time which is convenient for them. ATM machines usually print receipts to indicate how much money has been paid out and are also capable of printing mini bank statements, showing how much money the customer has in the account in total. Often ATM machines are located where the banks themselves are located, embedded in the external wall of the building. In some cases, they are also located separately in places such as airports or shopping centres.

    To use an ATM machine, the customer must insert a bank card into a slot, wait while the card’s information is read by the machine then enter a PIN (or Personal Identification Number) to verify that he or she is the card’s rightful owner. Once the card is accepted, the customer keys in the amount to be withdrawn. The machine then issues that money as notes through an opening. Usually, there is maximum limit on how much money can be withdrawn by a single customer from an ATM machine in one day.

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