Fines & Penalties

Fines and penalties are fees imposed by governments on their citizens for actions which are deemed to be transgressions of laws or regulations. The transgression involved is usually relatively minor; otherwise it would have been punished by imprisonment instead, although it does sometimes occur that fines are levied in addition to criminal sanctions. Fines and penalties are usually processed administratively by the agencies of government without prior processing through the court system. In many cases, courts do also have the power to impose fines and penalties of various kinds on their own though.

In today’s complex economies, governments impose a variety of reporting requirements on their citizens. For example, citizens are often required to file yearly reports on the income they have earned. Corporations are required to file periodic reports in the profits they have made. This is so that governments can ensure the citizens and corporations are paying tax appropriately. Failure to comply with these reporting requirements, whether by omitting to file a report at all, or by filing it late, is often punished with a financial penalty. It is usually possible to appeal against these penalties if the citizen or corporation is able to make the case that extraordinary circumstances prevented a prompt filing of the required report.

Fines and Penalties are also imposed in case of criminal act. This may hurt one socially as well because nowadays background check is possible online. There are many sites which provides records if one wants to know about Criminal Background Check or Criminal Check for particular person or company.

What is Government Funded Research

The term government funded research is used to describe scientific studies which are paid for by the government. During the Second World War, the governments of each side invested heavily in scientific research in order to try and develop technologies which would give them an advantage in the war. Technologies such as radar, rockets, jet engines and, of course, atomic weapons emerged as a result.

After the war, the practice of governments funding scientific research remained in place. Some of this research was military in nature. However, even research with no obvious military application is funded too. Governments recognize that there is a public benefit from technological advance and that private corporations can only be expected to push technological advance within a narrow sphere, one that is likely to lead to profitable applications in the short to medium term. As a result, governments have shown a willingness to provide funding for other scientific research conducted, primarily, at universities.

Typically, scientists who wish to receive government funding for their research will draw up a proposal, setting out the goals and methods to be used, together with a budget which they will ask the government to provide. In some cases, government may also employ scientists directly and provide funding for the work they do while controlling it completely.

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