Well we know that today in business world many times we cheated by company and we sometime not able to take some action against them. I want to ask one thing is what did you do last time, when you felt that the company has cheated you, with a particular product? You might have fumed, may have spitted some abusive words, or might have filed a complaint in a consumer court at the extreme but I am sure you wouldn’t get satisfaction by doing it. But now you can take strong action against them by bringing your complaints to the public via internet and is a site which is best place to do so. uses the enormous power of the internet, social networking & national media, to name and shame on a national scale, bringing swift justice without the cost, time & stress that is associated with a legal challenge. This brilliant new public opinion web site allows you to name, shame and claim against any company or individual that has ripped you off or wronged you in any way, leaving you out of pocket or aggrieved. The site will alert you when the company or individual has made contact to settle your claim or complaints, when fully satisfied with your settlement you can then remove your claim from the register. So it will be a best place to aware your problems the whole world and it also alert to company as they need to maintain their reputation.

You can make a claim through the sections like individual or company. You can search various claims against various individuals and companies. There is a complaints league where there are discussions about various complaints.

Web Design

According to wikipedia web design is a method of designing and developing webpage without use of html tables for page layout. Before making a website, it is very important to map exactly what is needed for the website. Thoroughly considering the visitors or targeted market, as well as defining the intention and deciding what content will be developed are significantly important.

Besides all this the looks and navigation is most important so that your audience can reach webpages of their need in no time. If you are located in New York and looking for New York Web Designer, the only developer that comes to my mind is They help you to develop your customer base in new york and all over the web. They are most affordable and have great proven record. The owner Kristi is a highly skilled person with vast experience of 20 years in in the field of information technology.

They are having various development programs like Pinnalce, express program and emarketing so that you can choose the best as per your needs. So if you are looking for New York Web Design or Professional Web Design New York do visit they are the best web designer in New York.

What is Ecommerce

The commercial transaction or commercial activity practiced over internet is known as ecommerce. Nowadays every business or individual tend to have their own website(s), this medium is very useful in reaching and attracting your customers or clients online. In this transaction the goods or services can be ordered / purchased online and the payments can be made online through online banking, credit card or payment processors like paypal, moneybookers etc.

With the help of internet the consumer can get vital information about the products he wants to buy and can do comparison which helps him making his decision by studying reviews/ratings for a particular product or service. With help of ecommerce websites, customers can buy/order products online and can pay online. Today there are many online stores which provides such facility, so that one can shop his necessities at home instead of visiting shopping markets for hours.

It is very easy today to have an ecommerce website. The first step is to buy a domain name which can be bought online from registrars like or, then you can hire web designer for ecommerce web design and hosting provider to host your website. In case if you dont want to hire a web designer and you want to create your own website then you dont need to worry there are many online website builder applications/sites are present online which can help you to build your own website within no time.

Low Apr Credit Cards

Well today credit cards are an easiest way to do shopping and also it is a luxuries life style symbol too. It also be helpful to us when we are going out side and not want cash in pockets. It make your buying experience easy and faster and you will have some discounts too when you buy from credit card. But one question which should know most is which credit card you choose. Most key things to choose credit card is Annual percentage rate (APR) and most of people would choose Low Apr Credit Cards because of low Annual percentage rate. If you have not much information about low Annual percentage rate (APR) Credit cards then I think will help you better way. Low Apr Credit Card blog will try to provide you many tips and information about Low APR credit cards and any related info about credit cards.

They also have information about Credit card number generator and its verification method. Credit card number generator generates haphazard card numbers for MasterCard, VISA 16 digit, VISA 13 digit, American Express, Discover and Voyager. Generated numbers are functional for testing e-commerce sites and payment gateway software solutions. All numbers generated using credit card generator are not legitimated. In order to verify that a credit card number is valid, it must submit you to a check called Luhn Check. You may also be generated Virtual credit card numbers with credit card generator using this scheme which usually last for 3-4 days.

Now sometimes people might not get Credit card because of bad Credit Score. But you not need to be worry about it is this blog also help you to Repair Credit Score. So if you find yourself in a position where you want to repair your credit score there are some very basic things you can do to help yourself in those regards. Just check their 5 tips and I am sure you would find it easy and repair your Credit Score.