What is Debt Relief

Debt Relief is one type of arrangement structured to decrease the debt burden on a person or a country. Usually this gets done through reducing principal amount or by easing off the interest rates. Debt Settlement is also one type of practice for debt relief. For individuals debt setttlement is alwyas used as last option to avoid bankruptcy. In debt settlement process the consumer or consumer’s representative approaches the creditor(s) and negotiates debt with them. 

Debt Settlement is a process in which the creditor agrees to receive that principal amount which is lower than the actual amount or the credtior agrees to soften interest rates so that client will find ease in paying his debts. Creditors have reason to do so once they conclude that the client is facing difficulties in paying off his debt. Creditors aren’t that much dumb that they agrees on such negotiations easily, they are aware that if consumer goes ahead and files bankruptcy then they will have to compromise with entire principal amount.

Usually debt consultants are hired to negotiate debt with creditor(s). These consultants are expert advisors and in many cases they can ease your debt by as much as 60%. Upon reaching on any agreement wtih the creditor, the consumer’s funds are acculmulated in the special account untill enough balance is gathered to pay off the creditor, if there are multiple creditors then this process repeats again and again untill entire debt is repaid.

The debt settlement is usually practiced for credit card debts or any unsecured loans. Many people consider debt settlement as bad thing but as per my opinion credit card debt settlement or any type of debt settlement is the best thing to avoid bankruptcy. It if you pay off your debts on time then it gives you a chance to repair your damaged credit report.