What is Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a method by which one person or company can place funds directly into the bank account of another. Normally, the person wishing to make the transfer must go to the offices of a financial institution and process the payment there. Funds for the payment could be handed over there and then as cash or could come from the bank account of the person or organization making the payment. A fee may be charged to the person making the payment by the financial institution processing it. However, if the person has an account with the financial institution, the fee may be waived.

As well as one-off payments, it is possible to set up arrangements so that payments will be made regularly into an account. It is also possible and, in fact, very common for people to receive pay from their employers through direct deposit. In this case, the employee must usually fill out a form, supplying all of his or her bank account details, and hand it in to the company payroll department. The alternative to direct deposit, for remuneration purposes, is receiving either a cheque or cash from the employer instead. Some employers may require that employees set up direct deposit arrangements, however, and refuse to provide pay by other means.

What is Ecommerce

The commercial transaction or commercial activity practiced over internet is known as ecommerce. Nowadays every business or individual tend to have their own website(s), this medium is very useful in reaching and attracting your customers or clients online. In this transaction the goods or services can be ordered / purchased online and the payments can be made online through online banking, credit card or payment processors like paypal, moneybookers etc.

With the help of internet the consumer can get vital information about the products he wants to buy and can do comparison which helps him making his decision by studying reviews/ratings for a particular product or service. With help of ecommerce websites, customers can buy/order products online and can pay online. Today there are many online stores which provides such facility, so that one can shop his necessities at home instead of visiting shopping markets for hours.

It is very easy today to have an ecommerce website. The first step is to buy a domain name which can be bought online from registrars like namecheap.com or godaddy.com, then you can hire web designer for ecommerce web design and hosting provider to host your website. In case if you dont want to hire a web designer and you want to create your own website then you dont need to worry there are many online website builder applications/sites are present online which can help you to build your own website within no time.