What is Speeding Fine

Speeding fines are financial penalties imposed on drivers who exceed the speed limit in a given area. They can be imposed by police officers. Some police vehicles carry equipment which is able to estimate another vehicle’s speed. Police officers may also carry hand-held devices which serve a similar purpose.

In many areas, fines for speeding can now be imposed impersonally because of the existence of speed cameras. The speed cameras will detect the vehicle travelling at an impermissibly high speed, then take a snapshot photograph of the vehicle’s number plate as it passes the camera. The vehicle’s registration number will then be looked up and a fine notice sent to the registered vehicle owner’s address.

In some cases, the registered owner of the vehicle may be required to appear in court. If the vehicle owner wishes to dispute the fine a court appearance will be necessary. When speeding fines are imposed, the offence is usually noted on the driver’s licence. An accumulation of such notices can eventually lead to the removal of a driving licence. For this type of procedures you need to hire perfect attorney who can handle all your problems like the kanin law firm (http://www.kanninlaw.com), which is criminal defence and personal injury lawyer.

While the primary purpose of speeding fines is to regulate driving conduct on the roads, many drivers feel that the revenue raised provides an unhealthy incentive for cash-strapped local governments to be over-zealous in their enforcement of traffic regulations.

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