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  • Online Payment Processors

    September 2nd, 2008adminBusiness, Financial Services

    With largely growing ecommerce business over internet the value of online payment processors has grown significantly. These payment processing companies allows user to transfer funds online through many ways like echeck, credit cards and bank accounts for their transaction.

    This payment processing companies provides many facilities such as sending/recieiving money in foreign currencies and conversion of currencies. The account holder can easily withdraw money from his online payment processing account to his personal bank account through online transaction and in the same way he can also add funds from his bank account to his online payment processing company’s account.

    There are many types of account you can open with the payment processing company as per your custom needs. An individual can open a free account which is having simple or less features, whereas an ecommerce enabled company/website chooses merchant account for their custom needs, which includes many facilities like recurring billing through credit or debit card, selection of fee plan as per business need, and directly debiting funds to customers account. The ACH merchant accounts are very much popular as they includes automated facilites for debiting funds in customers checking account, acceptance of payment through phone, and automated recurring billing.

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