5 Important Parts of a Resume


When competing for a job, you need a resume that stands out and grabs the attention of a prospective employer. It needs to detail your capabilities while promoting yourself as a professional. Someone should be able to look at this document and quickly determine if you’re the right candidate for the position. There are key parts of the resume that can make or break your career before it even starts.


In the 20th century, resumes often started with a section called, “Objectives.” Today, this is no longer relevant. Employers would rather know what you can offer the company over what they can offer you. Briefly highlight what you bring to the table and why you’re a good fit for the organization. This will set the tone in how the rest of the resume is viewed by an employer. You need to grab his or her attention from the start if you want the rest of the document to be taken seriously.

Skills and Competence

Listing relevant skills for the position in question gives the employer an idea of what you can do within the company. Try to list as many relevant talents you have that will play into the job and possible tasks. For example, you don’t want to put skills pertaining to operating a meat slicer if you’re applying for an office position at a tax firm.


Many people can develop quite the list in terms of work experience. Since you want to keep the printed version of a resume to a single page, only list the relevant experience regarding the niche of the company. Detail your job functions, contributions and responsibilities as best you can. Make a note that other jobs not relevant to the position are available upon request if there are any. Some employers have questions when it comes to gaps in employment.

Educational Information

There are three important pieces when adding educational institutions: name of the school, dates attended and the certificate received. If you’ve received additional training, education or completed at-work correspondence courses, it would be prudent to put them here as well.

Extra Accomplishments and Advancements

Towards the end of the resume, include things such as awards or achievements obtained throughout your working career. Many people will include charity activities, leadership roles and other significant accomplishments in this area of the document. Remember, you’re trying to impress the reader. Adding information such as this could be the driving point for a potential employer. Things like recognition for leadership or company streamlining are particularly excellent points of interest for many business owners.

Professional information, such as that located on Donald Burns’ profile, needs to be easy to find and read. For some people, it may be difficult to sum up a life-time of jobs and experience. However, it needs to be presented in a logical and clean-flowing manner. Write it with personality, but don’t distract the employer from the information. Adding too much fluff to your resume could take away from the experience of the reader.

What Steps Should I Take To Attain Financial Security?

Financial Security

As many people know, leading a productive and positive life is largely contingent upon your ability to save money and accrue wealth. With this reality in mind, it’s a good idea for you to learn how to attain financial security. Luckily, there are numerous strategies you can implement to make it happen. Some of them include:

1. Create A Detailed Budget.

One of the best ways to get your finances in order is to create a detailed budget. This step is important because it enables you to see exactly how much money is coming in and where it’s all going. Once you create the detailed budget, you’ll be able to optimize your spending purchases to ensure that you’re not wasting money. In many cases, people who develop a budget realize that they’re spending too much money on things like clothes, eating out, gym memberships, etc. Once you create the budget, you’ll be able to see exactly what changes you need to make to get on the path to financial growth.

2. Attain Professional Realty Services.

In addition to creating a detailed budget, it’s a good idea for you to attain professional realty services. This step is important because having a team of professionals who can help you with the process of buying or selling a house enables you to build wealth. When you start looking for the ideal realty company, be sure to consider the professionals of Realty ONE Group. Realty members like Kuba Jewgieniew are known for helping clients realize their property goals with excellence and expedience.

3. Develop Multiple Streams Of Income.

As many financial specialists know, developing multiple streams of income is a great way to attain financial security. Luckily, the contemporary world presents you with millions of business opportunities you can pursue in order to accomplish this objective. One such opportunity is the development of a monetized blog through which you can earn money with affiliate marketing, pay per click ads, and eBook sales. Other opportunities for developing multiple streams of income include investing, franchises, and multi-level marketing.


If you’re ready to attain the level of financial security that will lead to happiness and productivity, be sure to implement the success strategies outlined here. By developing a detailed budget, attaining professional realty services, and developing multiple streams of income, you’ll likely find yourself accruing wealth and leading a life of freedom and fun!

Construction Gone Wrong? Here Are Your Options

Construction Gone Wrong

Having construction done to your business can make it a whole lot nicer for your employees and your customers. Whether you’re a storefront that sells something or you’re a law firm, dental office or medical building, upgrades to the façade are something that you’re going to need to do from time to time.

When you go about having an upgrade done to improve the appearance of your building you need to hire a construction crew. While you might have done everything possible to vet them and check their work before hiring them, you can still come out on the losing end.

However, when you have a construction dispute it can be hard to know what to do. If you do nothing you’ll be out a lot of money. Use this guide to help you learn more about what to do when a construction project goes south before completion or when you simply aren’t happy with the results.

Express Your Concern

Many construction companies and crews are willing to work with business owners who are not happy with their work, especially on large commercial projects. In many cases it can take a few attempts to perfect the look that you’re going for.

Before you do anything else you need to simply talk to the contractor in charge of the crew you are working with and see if they can help out with your changes. It might seem like an easy fix, but many construction crews build revision days into their contract price before they start working with you. That’s especially true for big jobs where lots of work is being done.

Write a Letter

If you find that the construction company you hired simply won’t work with you, the next thing that you need to do is write a letter and file a formal complaint. At this point, you may want to have your lawyer write the letter for you to let them know you’re consider legal action if the job is not fixed to your satisfaction.

In many cases this can be enough for a construction company to remedy your issue just to avoid spending time and money in court.

Consider Mediation

Another option is construction mediation, which keeps both you and the company out of court. When you work with an attorney who does this type of mediation like Lyle Charles you’ll be able to settle and find solutions that get the job done quickly so your company can get back to work.

Combining Ethics and Entrepreneurship: A Viable Mission?

ethics and morals

More often than not, people tend to think of successful businesses as ones that take advantage of either one or more resources. One of these resources is the employees positioned within the lower rungs of the business or corporation. Another resource might be the environment and the wealth of materials that it offers. Thus, the question of democratic, ethical business practices and how it is related to business success may arise. The following are a number of ways in which businesses can achieve success in an ethical manner.

Following the Triple Bottom Line

Business models that do not cater to an ethical framework tend to be driven solely by the bottom line. In other words, they are driven solely by drawing a profit, no matter what the method. But, in order to build a successful business ethically, it is necessary to re-define this business principle. Thus, many successful, ethically-minded businesses follow the principle of following a tripartite bottom line that seeks goods in three forms. These forms are good for the company, for the country and the community.

Focus on Growing Your Business in a Sustainable Fashion

It stands to reason that if a business is not sustainably grown, it does not properly take broader environmental factors into account. Broadly speaking, a sustainably-grown business will try its best to incorporate new technologies into its business practice in a way that is environmentally advantageous. This might mean saving energy or using reusable materials in some of the products your business manufactures. In addition, you might want to integrate some social responsibility into your business practice. This might mean, for example, giving a portion of your proceeds back to a local philanthropic venture.

Look at Successful Examples of Ethically-Minded Businesses

There is a wide range of ethically minded businesses that have garnered various levels of success. Look for such businesses within your own community as sources of inspiration, and to glean ideas for building your very own ethically-minded business. Additionally, you might want to look at examples of bigger businesses, and even corporations that have achieved their success in an ethical manner. One company to look at is DLA Piper on Bob Bratt’s site. DLA Piper has grown to become one of the biggest business law firms in the world.

If you are skeptical about the possibility of building your business in both a democratic and sustainable fashion, look for evidence to the contrary. There are a number of philosophies, principles and businesses themselves that provide hope for the future of both profitable and ethical businesses.

Car Insurance For People Who Have Bad Credit

Car Insurance

Various drivers have to contend with challenging circumstances that make it difficult for them to access affordable car insurance. If you have bad credit, you can still make an application for cheapest auto insurance guaranteed that is within your financial means. Selecting the kind of coverage you need enables you to keep costs low. The first step towards getting affordable coverage is by finding the right insurance provider.

While some insurance companies use credit scores to assess risk in regards to whether someone meets the requirements for insurance or not, the good news is that you can find a company that does not. Access to car insurance can be a challenge if you have poor credit and you need to be able to find an insurance provider that is willing to disregard your credit score.

Credit Score and Car Insurance

Insurance company uses good credit to gauge how responsible the driver is. Although you may feel that your credit score should not be an evaluation of how responsible you are, the reality is that many insurers will look at it. Bad credit affects many people who have struggled to deal with the far-reaching economic crisis over the years.

Low credit scores result from various factors such as loss of jobs, inability to get loans and the high cost of living. People who have low credit scores no longer need to worry about being unable to find car insurance that is sufficient for their needs. You can now find affordable policies that will not be determined by your difficult financial situation.

The insurance package provided aims at helping to protect you from the financial implications of accidents and breakdowns. The right type of coverage will also help to keep your premiums low and ensure that you have an insurance product that you can afford. The insurance company will consider your specified needs and make sure that you are able to get a policy that your budget can handle.

Auto Insurance and Bad Credit

Even if you have bad credit, you can still get reasonably priced insurance. Bad credit car insurance provides policies that will suit your needs as a driver. Insurance companies achieve this by setting up a policy that is appropriate for people who do not have a perfect credit score. Many people have a credit score that has had a negative impact on their ability to choose from available car insurance products.

Your financial circumstances may be adverse but as long as you are making an effort to improve them, you can find auto insurance to keep you covered in the meantime.  It is advisable for you to take the necessary steps to improve your situation and get more car insurance options for your needs. When your credit score improves, you can let your insurance provider know and get enhanced coverage.

All drivers are legally required to have car insurance regardless of what their credit scores may be. Bad credit will not prevent you from getting comprehensive auto protection for yourself and other drivers. Get in touch with a reputable insurance expert and find out more about how you can apply for insurance with your credit history.