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    July 24th, 2014adminPersonal Finance

    A bail bond is issued when someone has been charged with a crime and is paying for his or her release pending trial. Bonds generally cost about 10 percent of the actual cost of securing a person’s release. For example, if a judge orders someone held on $10,000 bond, a friend or relative of that [...]

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    July 24th, 2014adminFinancial Planning

    Wish lists are necessary parts of any online store. Businesses will set up online stores that are only meant to sell items to customers. Wish lists designed by a company like 1 Shopping Cart strike the right balance of sales and service. The sales on the website will help keep the business solvent, but the [...]

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    June 28th, 2014adminFinancial Planning

    In today’s business world, data is a big part of answering your most basic questions about your customers. With data a business can better understand what type of customers they are attracting, how these customers buy products and services, when this happens and possible reasons they become or shy away from becoming a loyal customer. [...]

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    June 28th, 2014adminFinancial Services

    Just like all business professionals, lawyers often need to secure lines of credit to expand their own law firms. When they wonder where they can get secure financing, they may be advised to choose a business that has experience in lending money for this purpose. Rather than deal a with a company that perhaps could [...]

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    May 29th, 2014adminFinancial Planning

    Those who have a major presentation coming up need to work hard to ensure that everything goes well during that presentation. While understanding how to speak in public makes presenting to your boss, clients and other investors much easier, you need visuals to help your audience follow and connect with your message. Using a program [...]

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